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Non Resident Tax Services

Non Resident Tax Services

  •  We assist in filing your Indian and Global Tax returns.
  •  We assist you in Inheritance Tax matters and Repatriation of funds.
  •  We assist you in understanding FATCA and other related regulations
  •  We assist you in Gift tax matters.
  •  Do you want to Invest in India and need to know Tax Impac

Cross Border Tax Advisory

It is important for companies to have a robust and efficient legal entity
holding the structure. Key areas to consider are:

  •  Withholding tax minimization
  •  Reduction of any potential capital gains tax
  •  Effective use of holding companies
  •  Access to double tax treaty agreements
  •  Anti-avoidance measures
  •  Along with Companies, we advise Individuals to manage/hold/liquidate their International assets in Tax effective manner.

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