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Over the years, our firm has grown into a well and reputed tax advisory firm  with clients  ranging  from  MNCs to  Domestic  companies  serving  at  most  responsible positions. With an experience of over 10 years in National and  International Tax and a strong team of experienced tax experts, we have been  able to earn the trust and confidence of our clients spread across US, Europe and  Asia.

At KSC, we assist clients to:

Besides compliance and representation  before  Revenue  authorities, our taxation  services offer expertise in international taxation – cross-border tax issues with special  emphasis on interpretation of tax treaties, transfer pricing and the domestic tax laws.  Under International Taxation we focus on structuring capital and revenue transactions  by effectively utilising the tax treaties between India and the host country.

We further provide following Tax Compliance services

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Tax Planning

We can develop tax strategies with our past experience that work for
individuals and companies and help streamline compliance processes.

Non Resident Tax Services

Cross Border Tax Advisory

It is important for companies to have a robust and efficient legal entity
holding the structure. Key areas to consider are:

Transfer Pricing & IPR Taxation

India is among many countries which have embraced Transfer  Pricing (“TP”) regulations with prescribed mandatory  documentation. TP is a complex tax. With, Base Erosion and Profit  Shifting (“BEPS”) TP has become a focus area. Implementation of  General Anti Avoidance Regulations (GAAR) and Place of Effective  Management (POEM), have made it more complicated. If the TP  approach is not correct , clients may face following issues

Our TP services Include

Domestic Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing has been made applicable on certain domestic transactions defined  as “Specified Domestic Transactions” (“SDT”) with effect from Financial  Year 2012-13. These regulations become applicable where the aggregate amount of all such domestic transactions exceeds INR 20 Crore in a  financial year.

Our Services Includes

International Services

We have tailored our International services in such a manner which takes  care of the tax and regulatory framework that is ever-changing globally  thereby adding complexities to otherwise already complex and uncertain tax  environment. The major recent developments, below, require businesses to  be extremely knowledgeable before planning International setup.

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